September 14, 2015 – Week 51

Hello again! I really saw this week in my missionary efforts that the Lord has prepared people everywhere and that He can lead us to them! For example, this week we were going to look a person up in a dorpje (a small village…?) and I searched how to get there online but mispelled the name by one letter so we ended up going to a different city altogther! Once we realized our mistake, the bus wasn’t even coming for 30 more minutes so my companion had the feeling we should go to a certain street. So we decided to do some knocking there. This was a miracle place because everyone was SO open! We gave a Book of Mormon to a man and had a nice conversation with him but then, because we were talking to him, missed the bus again! So what do we do? Go to the other side of the street and knock it! And we found another new investigator there – a really kind woman looking for the truth! Miracles šŸ™‚

I also ran into one of my former investigators on the train this week, and it was so cool to talk to him again. I went on an exchange with a sister who has just been active for 2 years. Her courage and testimony, in spite of her many questions, doubts, and fears, was so inspiring. Coming to the mission, she could only speak Spanish, hardly any English or Dutch, but she is pulling through!

In our lesson with our investigator Frank this week, he shared his testimony of God’s existance and it was so powerful as he related to us his struggles as a refugee, and many near-death experiences, yet there is a reason for him to keep living.

Last funny story about a man who used to pester us. He lives close to our house and would yell “Mormons! Boo!” and tell us we are going to Hell and the likes. Well we had a lesson with him this week šŸ˜€ and although he is not an investigator, now when he sees us he yells “Hey chicas, como estas??” I’d say it’s a big improvement šŸ™‚

Love you all and have a great week!


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