September 7, 2015 – Week 50

So I had the pleasure of working with our mission president’s wife this week. She is brand new to the mission and hardly speaks any Dutch but we taught here a couple door approaches and she went knocking in the rain with us while I was on exchanges in Apeldoorn. She is so sweet. I didn’t know this but apparently it was a miracle because her health doesn’t allow her normally to be out in such weather. I’ve attached part of an email she sent me because her testimony is just so amazing.

“Here is the miracle: remember in the car you were saying that you could feel that a miracle would happen last night as we went about knocking and trying to visit? Well one happened to me that I wanted to share. First, I do not enjoy being cold and wet at the same time. My circulation isn’t good in my fingers and toes. I have a disease they call rhines, where the fingers and toes go numb and turn white and blue. Old age!! I really am a boob when it comes to rain, snow and cold. I just don’t function properly in those conditions. Plus, my shoes I had on hurt one of my toes when I walk a lot in them. WELL, being with you sisters made all those things go away! Even my toe did not hurt!! Honestly, I was amazed that I kept going with you, soaking wet, and still had a smile trying to say those Dutch words! Plus, I am normally fearful in those situations. Just being with you both gave me strength. I learned before this call that when we do the Lords work He will give us the strength and ability to do what is required if we just step forward and try and forget about ourselves and all our problems. Now I am doing this more and more every day. Most of this call is out of my comfort zone, but when I step out of the boat like Peter did and try to walk on the water, I am lifted and carried and I can do those hard things. I just have to forget self, trust / faith and step.”

I am so grateful for my mission president and wife. They really are such wonderful examples of Christlike love. They go so out of their way to serve and support us. It is incredible.

This week we also had a couple of the exchagnes with the sisters in our zone, which was so nice. I always learn so much, seeing the things they struggle with and learning from their faith. And I know it is inspired that I have the companion that I do because she is also really able to help them out.

We also spent much time out of our city for stake conference this weekend. It was so inspiring. Much of the theme had to do with missionary work and the spirit was so abundant as we as a stake all sang Called to Serve together (well the conference was broadcasted to another building as well but still). It was also really cool to see the way my Dutch has improved because I remember my first stake conference, not being able to understand anything, and then with the second, most of it, and then this time around, there were few words I didn’t understand. The gift of tongues is a real thing people. My Dutch is nowhereeee close to perfect but the Lord doesn’t ask for perfection. But He does need our hearts.

I was in a lesson with two muslim men and one of them pulled out his phone to show us a video he had found about Mormons. I was a little hesitant and then surprised to see it was from CNN’s arabic company (I guess that is a thing) doing a reel about the Kansas City temple!!! I was so excited to see them reporting on a place that is so near to my heart!! Even in a lanugage I couldn’t understand! Hastening the work, I’ll tell you!

Well that’s all (that time will allow) folks. Bye!


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