January 11, 2016 – Week 67

A week of miracles. They exist! This has been an amazing week, very interesting, funny, and fun! I will just add in some random fun things and great stories from our week…

We had a “stop smoking” party with one of our investigators; hanging up posters, treats, air fresheners, etc. It was super fun and we have faith that he can hold strong this week! That day the zone leaders worked with us – super inspired leaders – and they helped us a lot setting a baptismal date with one of our dear friends.
We had a blast eating dinner at our stake president’s house! We had a special spiritual thought with them about the Joseph Smith story. He is from Nederland and she is from England and their daughters are all so funny.  They are part of the “boom” family, which most of our branch is part of the boom family in one way or another. “Boom” in Dutch means tree, so sometimes people refer to our branch as “de gele bos” or “the entire forest.” Super funny. But they are all great people and really missionary minded. Our ward mission leader, branch president, relief society president, and the area seventy are also all members of the family, by marriage or children or brothers or what not. You know that aristocrats song “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat”? everybody wants to be a boom. 🙂 We are thankful for their inspired leadership!
We had a cool moment where Sister Johansen in an instant felt inspired to go to a different small town with an extra hour that we had. We saw that we had 5 minutes to catch the train so we biked fast and caught the train and had only 30 minutes to work there. We felt, as Nephi, being led by the spirit not knowing beforehand where we should go. The third door we knocked ended up being a nice young girl from Poland who is very interested. Since then, we have also found other investigators in this small town.
We had a nice experience with a woman named Shelia, a recent convert in our branch. We went to eat dinner with her, and she lives in an apartment with surrounding rooms of young, college boys, who were playing really loud, distracting music. But despite it, we had such a special moment with her, listening to other uplifting music and sharing our feelings about the Savior. She is such a special person whose life has really been cleansed and changed by the Atonement.
So much cold rain this week! But despite that it was still a very happy week with inside jokes! Many more things happened but they cannot be contained here! The gospel is the way, my friends. May we stay true and have our chins lifted up! Love you all and have a great week!

April 25, 2015 Photos – Week 31 

Photo from http://zusterdoblergoesdutch.blogspot.com/2015/04/but-ive-never-had-kingcough-cough.html?m=1
Photo from http://zusterdoblergoesdutch.blogspot.com/2015/04/but-ive-never-had-kingcough-cough.html?m=1
Photo from http://zusterdoblergoesdutch.blogspot.com/2015/04/but-ive-never-had-kingcough-cough.html?m=1
Selfies with President and Sister Robinson

Sophia’s baptism

April 25, 2015 – Week 31

Happy King’s Day everyone! On Monday everyone will be dressed in orange and celebrating the King’s birthday! We are setting up a stand in the centrum and hoping to talk to many people! 

Things are going well here! I love the work and we are staying busy. The Netherlands is home to many refugees so we’ve had some cool experiecnes this week teaching and meeting people from Tunisia. We also enjoyed Stake Conference the past week-the adult session being in Antwerpen, Belgium and the general in Brussels. There was a lot of focus placed on the family, which I thought was cool as general conference was also focused on it.  The family is ordained of God and so important 🙂 

My new companion, Sister Dobler, is so so funny. She makes me laugh all the time. I am so grateful to be here.  

This transfer, in our district, our focus is on the Book of Mormon.  I am so so thankful for this book of scripture and how much guidance and direction it brings in my life. I am seeing more and more just how focused it is on Jesus Christ and His atonement for us. I love my Savior and love to read his words.

Thanks for all the support, dear friends and I wish you all wodnerful weeks! Do amazing things and press forward with courage!!
Sister Manning  

April 20, 2015 – Week 30

Hello World! 

I have many things to write about and to share from my happy heart! But my next P-day is this Saturday as it is a national holiday on Monday so I will catch you all up then! 

I have a new companion named Sister Dobler. She is from California and is such an inspiration to me and we are very alike in many ways! 

We are excited to work up a storm here in Maastricht! Talk to you all soon!

Sister Manning 

April 13, 2015 – Week 29

Hello! This has been a good week, it went by so quickly! I have learned many things this transfer about patience, courage, kindness, the list could go on and on. Some highlights (I only have time for the highlight reel of the past weeks hehe) would be:

General Conference! We watched it in English at three different member’s houses. Oh I love conference oh so much.  It is so inspiring and I received many answers to my prayers through those words.
Temple conference! That’s right, I went to the temple this week! It was SO amazing! I love the house of the Lord and the spirit that is so abundant there. I hadn’t been since the MTC.  It was all in Dutch and I understood a surprising amount. I am so grateful for temples and the peace, power, and blessings, from it. I could go on for years talking about it 🙂
A baptism! Our elders’ investigator, Sophia got baptized! She is from Cambodia, and so so sweet. I’ll send pictures next week, it was a beautiful service.
Although our work in Maastricht has been a bit slower, I love being on a mission and I love meeting and teaching people. It really puts my life into perspective and I am able to understand the atonement of Christ on a much more personal level.
Update! I will be staying in Maastricht for another six weeks! Hoorah! So if anyone wants to send me some fan mail in the next several weeks, my address is
Volksplein 83c
6214 DC Maastricht
My companion is being transfered to Belgium which is sad. I will miss her. I love her and am so proud of her courage, dedication, and strength.  She will be doing some more medical tests there.
Thanks for all the support and talk to you next week!
Sister Manning

April 6, 2015 – Week 28

Hello good people of the world! I have no time today because of a serious of crazy events. Also because everything is closed today because it is Second Easter! They take their vacation days way too seriously here.

General conference was so amazing and uplifting! Ah. Well I love you all and promise a nice good long email next week! Just know we are alive 😀

Sister Manning