February 8, 2016 – Week 71

Hello! This was a beautiful and miraculous week. I know I always sound like such a hyper squirrel emailing but I really am just so grateful for these days on my mission serving the Lord.

We have met some incredible ward members and investigators. We are teaching some teenagers preparing for baptism. Also, an amazing soul, Ton, entered into the waters of baptism this week! He is the man in the wheelchair in the pictures. The sisters met him about six months ago – and he swore he would never change religions! He believes that God sent angels to him in the form of sisters to help him turn his life around and mend family relationships. He has a huge smile and heart and I know, I am convinced, he will be the means of bringing many people to the gospel. So many of his friends and family came to the baptism and have witnessed the change in his life. 

One of my favorite members here has a very old soul, like me, and we love talking about Frank Sinatra and the good ol days 🙂 

My companion is a sweetheart and musical genius and is helping me write a song. There are many blessings from living close to the temple – these wards are thriving. We go to both an English and Dutch ward so Sunday is a day of a lot of church! My first week here, between ward council, both sets of meetings, and child baptisms in both wards we were at the church from about 9-6! 

There are a lot of beautiful canals here. I feel God’s love every day and know that He lives. He is at the head of this work!


Sister Manning


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