January 4, 2016 – Week 66

Ah man, I tried attaching a video of our fireworks display this year, but the file was too big! Just imagine you all are seeing on your screen a giant window, looking out on a square with fireworks being shot off so close to your sight and then an array of surronding fireworks as far as the eye can see! Yep. Happy New Year!

This was a really great week, full of hard work and many miracles! Everything from fasting, praying for a printer to work, helping a drunk man who had fallen off his bike travel home safely (my companion was like the good samaritan in this one), exchanges in Dordrecht with another sister from my MTC group, and going on adventures to deliver Book of Mormons (or copies of the book of mormon or however you prefer to call that). 🙂

I was sick this week with a cold, but it was a really big blessing because once again it made me appreciate how wonderul it is to be healthy; what a grand thing! 

On New Year’s Eve we received strict instruction to stay inside after 4 p.m. because people go really crazy with fireworks here. So we were encouraged to stay in and make goals – and lots of them! Three spiritual and three for the following categories: where we want to be in 3, 10, and 25 years. It was a spiritual and focused experience that I am really thankful for. 

Things are going well, and the work moves forward! And now, for some pictures! Love you lots, bye!

Sister Manning


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