November 16, 2015 – Week 60

First say of school! First day of school!

Just joking, I’m not in school, but in my new city of Roosendaal! But our new zone vision is Finding Nemo themed so I thought it appropriate. Plus I’ve also just been overly excited about all these new changes, so it just seemed fitting. 

There are such amazing investigators here! But, the real deal is that this ward is INCREDIBLE!! So big and loving. We are just attacked with people wanting to go joint teach, and dinner appointments, and hugging primary children. Whoa. it is also cool, because I know quite a few of the ward members and recent converts already because I would come here on exchanges when I served in Maastricht. 

Then, my dream city was to serve in Breda, our neighboring city. Long story short-the sisters used to be in Breda and the elders in Roosendaal but then because of a stalker it was switched. haha. So it is crazy living in an elder’s old appartment but it is a fun time and we are just faced with new opportunies to seek inspiration and make this city ours! The literal translation of the name of the city is like valley of roses but it’s mostly residental, not super beautiful, but great people. 

My new companion, Sister Twiggs, is really great. We served together in the MTC. She is from Pleasant Grove, Utah and is just a sweet person; chill and funny. We are looking forward to the transfer. 

Just one quick story: we have been working on “fast food contacting,” meaning that every 5 minutes, even if we are biking, we stop to talk to someone, being in the “mind to find” all day. Yesterday, Sister Twiggs, on the way to the station, felt inspired to stop and knock a row of doors. The first door we knocked, a man named Paul answered who immediately was super receptive. I asked him where he found peace in his life and he said he didn’t know, and explained that his wife was really sick and has a brain tumor, that it was a miracle she has even lived through this past year. I was able to share with him Isaiah 41:10, a scripture that brought me much comfort when my father was also very sick. It was a a special moment and we are looking forward to returning to teach him. 

The gospel really does bring a special source of peace. Well, I can’t wait to tell about more adventures and stories next week! Love you all lots and keep on keeping on! (whatever that means)…


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