November 9, 2015 – Week 59

What a week of straight up blessings we have had! How incredible! Well first of all, our amazing investigator Frank was baptized and confirmed!
Frank’s story:
So Frank was a referral from a member in Amsterdam who had just gotten baptized. She told her friend to investigate the church she had just joined. This was about a year ago. Frank started meeting with the missionaries, and although he was open to meeting with the sisters and discussing the gospel, but from the beginning he made it clear that re-baptism was not in his future and he wasn’t sure about the Church. He met with them for a few months and then went on vacation and lost contact with the sisters. Fast forward to about four months ago when Sister Jones and I were here. We were going through our area book and started making phone calls and set up a new appointment with him. (We would find out later that while he was on vacation, he was super disappointed because he hadn’t been accepted into the school he wanted to. He said he was praying for direction in his life, falling depressed and a couple days later, he received our call).
Frank was a freedom fighter in Uganda,one of the heads of his party, and he came to the Netherlands as a political refugee. He is a very passionate man about the freedoms of his country but probably one of the most humble people I know when it comes to trusting in the will of God. His story shows me the importance of the Book of Mormon and how powerful it is. Because Sister Jones and I were teaching him for a little bit but we were not sure where he stood one things.
One day we came to our appointment, it had been a couple of weeks since we had seen him and we were just going to be bold and set a baptismal date with him or discontinue the lessons basically. He surprised us all when we showed up. We went and sat on a park bench outside in the sun and he put his hand on the Book of Mormon and said, “Sisters, I’ve been reading this book, and I know it is true” and expressed his desire to get baptized! From there, we overcame some trials of transportion to church, and miracle after miracle we are here today! The baptismal service was really lovely. Sister Jones came down and we three sisters (haha that sounds like it should be a Christmas song) sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Frank bore his testimony and it was so powerful. Short but profound. He said he had always been a believer in God and Jesus Christ but for so long he had been wandering and now he feels at home in the Church of Christ. Incredible! His ex-wife and adorable daughter also came to the baptism.
Another miracle: Catherine, his ex-wife, has also been taking the lessons from us! She is so lovely. When we told her of Frank’s baptism at the beginning of the week she said,  “I already know. He told me and I am SO happy for him! And … I’m next ” hahah! So she will be baptized in Decemeber.
Another miracle: My last Sunday here was so amazing because Frank received the holy ghost and Eryc was ordained a priest and passed the sacrament for the first time.
Oh yes, I am being transferred!! I am going to Roosendaal! It will be sad to leave my beloved companion and this city I love so much. This tiny branch with all its strengths and weaknesses. I feel so blessed that I was given four transfers to serve here.
Also another random miracle, I got my bike fixed for free on a day I was really stressed! hoorah! This city has taught me much about patience and about love. I am so thankful for my Savior and the many ways He helps us in our daily lives. I am eternally greatful for his sacrifice for us. I know He lives.
I love you all!
P.S. Our mission office is moving so this is the new address for any mail:
Schuttersveld 2 2316 ZA Leiden Nederland

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