October 26, 2015 – Week 57

Hello friends πŸ™‚

This was a lovely week. I”ll just do a random rant of things that happened. First of all on Sunday, Eryc was confirmed by his brother, which was a very nice experience and he bore his testimony afterwards. 

I went on an exchange with my former companion from Maastricht, Sister Jensen! What a fun time we had together, I think we talked each other’s ears off, about how we’ve changed since we’ve last seen each other, miracles experienced, life lessons learned, etc. She is such a gem and we also had some very nice experiences contacting in her city, Apeldoorn. The Lord really does watch carefully over companionships. 

I’ve felt His love a lot this week during moments when I really needed it. Sister Jaramillo and I had a super cool experience this week on the way to Gouda (home of the best cheese and stroopwafels, yum!) for mission leader council. The train ride was about 4 hours or so and our leaders have encouraged us to put an increased effort on “travel contacting” since we spend so much time in trains and buses, just starting converstaions with everyone! I have a super strong testimony of it and it can be really fun sometimes. Other times people aren’t in the mood to talk and just shut you down. But! This night we must have been sitting on a magical train, because through the course of the ride, 5 different people in a row came and sat in the seats across from us and we had really cool converstaions with all of them, and three of them gave us their information to meet with other missionaries in their cities! Miracles! The Lord always puts people on our paths; it is crazy. 

So then the day afterward, we had the council, which was awesome, and that night I went contacting with another sister in Rotterdam (a huge city, close to where I first served. Brought back such good memories!) and tried out some new techniques and also had good success there! So many people, so busy! Very unlike Leeuwarden πŸ™‚ this beautiful sister I was working with, Sister Hansen, and I also had a really good conversation about self-worth. 

I learn so much from people here! Ward members, random people on the street, investigators, but I have also learned SO much from other missionaries. For example, Sister Jensen was telling me this week that having faith and hope is kind of her equivalent of the world’s expression of positive thinking. Yes, very true πŸ™‚ 

This week we also had an activity with our branch watching the movie, 17 miracles! Always a testimony builder. I am so thankful to be here on a mission and for all that I am learning and experiencing the work roll forward! I love you all lots!

Sister Manning


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