October 12, 2015 – Week 55

Hello! This was a great week here in Leeuwarden. We have found some beautiful and amazing new investigators and super exciting news – we have had some break throughs with some of the situations with our investigators which should result in some baptisms in the near future! Hippity-pip-hooray! Also, thanks to everyone who prays for my safety; I almost got hit my a car this week! But I didn’t. #blessings 🙂

Sister Jaramillo and I did a solo in sacrament meeting this week, I played piano (I know, can you believe it?!) and she played the recorder. We are both rookies to our instruments so it was a bit rocky but good nonetheless.

Oh yes, and a mission dream of mine came true this week! Haha we were at a lesson with an investigator when the Jehovah’s Witnesses showed up on the door! She knew one of them so they were let in (although she wasn’t happy about it) and shared a short message with us. It was a very friendly short conversation. But it was mostly just hilarious.

I think the most touching thing to me this week though was seeing in the lives of one of my investigators just how powerful the Atonement is and what a miracle forgiveness is! I am so thankful for my Savior – I know that though Him we can become free and clean from the sins and burdens that would weigh us down and captivate us. His redeeming blood brings the sweetest sort of freedom. How beautiful it is. We have such a great reason to rejoice and to keep our heads held high because there is always, always a bright future ahead!

Love you lots 🙂

Sister Manning


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