October 5, 2015 – Week 54

Hello everyone!
This was an amazing week! Learned a lot. And in other news, guess what I ate today? Escargot! That’s a true story, friends. My companion cooked me up some yummy snails. Surprisingly not bad.
A lot of things happened this week but I think I’ll give the emotional/spiritual report. Well first of all, Conference was so inspiring and uplifting. I was filled with a new dedication and motivation to be a consecrated missionary. In Conference, which is when we come to listen to the words of the prophet and apostles, I learned so much about personal conversion, real intent, and the reality that this is the Lord’s work.
I also realized that there is no shame in being raised in the church and believing since childhood. Sometimes I felt that my testimony wasn’t as meaningful as my companions who were converts or less actives or had a giant change of heart but I’ve come to realize that it is the power behind and continual conviction of the testimony, not necessarily in the way that it was gained, that can be life changing. It’s God’s plan to have parents who raise their children with the gospel, and I am so grateful for my parents who did that was well as opportunities I had to seek out and test my beliefs for myself. Life is pretty beautiful. I can’t ever remember a time being so changed or excited about conference haha. In the MTC during conference I was just struggling to stay awake:) bless my heart ūüėČ
But, real talk. My companion and I had some struggles this week. I felt a couple days this week an unmotivation type discouragement that I had never previously experienced. And honestly it was really frightening. I felt overwhelmed and despite my best efforts, we were having a bit of trouble relating to each other. But the amazing part of this story is that Sister Jaramillo was also feeling some crazy discouragement. And when we finally opened up and talked to each other about it, after a good cry and hugs, we received new found strength and courage in the Lord. We realized our potential as a teaching team and how much we really needed each other to both succeed.
Wow this sounds like a mission soap opera or something but it was very touching and it was a good week of growth and, in the end, happiness for us both. It was also cool because I was able to read notes that I wrote and journal entries from my first couple transfers and they gave me a lot of courage.
So there is the rant. Here is my invitation: Let us choose to believe. Belief is always a choice, a action of courage.¬†I want to be humble enough¬†to choose for God’s team.¬†I¬†want to be Heavenly Father’s most golden investigator.

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