August 31, 2015 – Week 49

Goedendag iedereen! Hoe gaat het? Hello people. This week was a great one! Some days were hard. Like really hard. But then, midweek things turned around and it has just kept on the up and up! But I am greatful for the hard times that bring me to my knees and remind me how healing and powerful the Atonement really is.

We were super busy this week with meetings, including zone conference and mission leader council with Elder Dykes, a member of the Seventy. Bascially it changed my life! Seriously though. He talked a lot about agency and accountablity which was a springboard for my studies this week. I went crazy studying about agency in the scrpitures! What a beautiful gift that God has given us. We are free to choose liberty and eternal life. We are free to choose the path but we must remember what the destination will be. And freedom as defined in the scriptures is the liberation we receive by following God’s commandmetns. The Bible is full of scuh examples! A study of agency helps us more fully understand the Fall of Adam and the Atonement and just how important our lives are! “We are not free because we can choose but because we have choosen well.” Amazing. I gave a talk in church this Sunday so I was able to rant about it šŸ™‚ It’s great stuff, I tell you! God’s plan is amazing.

We just had a new investigator more here from Romania-a young college student with a great heart. She has her sights set on being baptized and we are loving working with her!

This week at church was totally crazy! We had three investigators come, hippity pip, hoorah! And we were doing a lot of translations for people! We don’t have headset translations in our branch so all the missionaries just divide and conquer to go give translations.

Eric is doing so well, he is just loving participating in church and he’s become really good friends with us, he’s bringing us back souveniers from vacation!

Family home evening is starting back up which I hope will be a big sucess with all of the students that are coming back!

Love you!


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