August 24, 2015 – Week 48

Hello everyone! Not much time today so I will throw a couple photos here and give the highlight reel.

It was a crazy week because of transfers but my new companion, Sister Jaramillo, is SO amazing! She is from the Carribean, a tiny little island called Aruba. She is so loving, and has a really cool story about being inactive from the church for 6 years and then coming back. She is really the only active one in her family. She is very talented too and can speak English, Dutch, Papimento, and Spanish fluentely! I am really hoping my Dutch will improve with her 🙂 They learn Dutch in school and sometimes it is easier for her than English.

Her english is also so cute and funny sometimes. For example, one day she told me that she was feeling “crunchy” instead of “trunky”(meaning missing home haha), and she calls all bugs “animals” which is hilarious becuase when we are biking, she would exclaim, “Ah, an animal is in my eye!!” She also looks like our cousin Sierra Stephens. Bonus points. But she is a great teacher and I think we will work well together!

We had dinner with our branch president which was really eye-opening  about how we can better work with less actives in our ward. We traveled to Zwolle to translate for a Hispanic sister and Apeldoorn, and a bunch of small towns for missionary work! Appointments, raw fish, biking, laughing, preaching, it’s all in a good day’s work!

We saw a really cool miracle and example of a girl who just moved in from Germany named Tony, or Amouk. She was baptized two years ago. She learned about the church while studying in Las Vegas during high school! She is SO amazing! Her family wasn’t supportive of her choice, yet she has a burning testimony of the gospel and the goal to have her own eternal family one day. So cool! We are really hoping to help strengthen the program for the young people here.

Love you all and talk to you next week!


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