August 10, 2015 – Week 46

I really need to change my ways about sending such short emails but we have a lesson in a couple minutes so we really need to get going!

But this week was great! And SO busy! We were in Zwolle, Assen, and Amsterdam on various exchanges and meetings! The best was that we had mission leader council at the mission home where we have reports on our zones with the mission president and talked about issues in the mission. It was cool to see how much the hand of the Lord is in this work!

I also had a crazy experience of a woman letting us in this week—she was the most closed/open person I had ever met – haha she was from Brazil though, so it was like a taste of serving in brazil! We also made very ghetto zucchini bread missing half the ingredients but just as tasty!

Another cool thing is I went on an exchange with my MTC companion and it was cool to see how much we had both learned and grown since we had last seen each other. I realized how much more open and vunerable to people I am now. I think that is very fine.

We had a very cool experience this week being interviewed by a camera girl who was making a video about what makes a “real human.” She met us on the street, filmed our responses, and then we got talking about religion and ended up giving her a Book of Mormon and receiving her information, she was so open to learn! The Lord puts prepared people on our paths every day. We are looking forward to teaching her.

I am grateful for you all and love you bunches!


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