July 27, 2015 – Week 44

Who wants to hear what the mission is like in the eyes of my companion??
Because….I’m out of emailing time…and my lovely companion Sister Jones is such a gem and said I could just copy and paste her email home! She is amazing and writes much better emails than I do​.

🙂 Also this was a super wonderful week filled with 3 exchagnes with other sisters! Perhaps I shall write more about it this week but for now, please enjoy this change of perspective! So!

Church was so full yesterday. That was fantastic! Zuster Manning and I were both thrilled! Zuster Manning and I just recently began teaching a younger family, and the parents, Nice and Raymond came to sacrament meeting yesterday! They are so sweet. Our first lesson with them was such a wonder, because we were orginally just teaching Nice, and then Raymond walked in and we invited him to join, and he ended up also being super positive. We’re really excited to meet with them more.

Also, we sang a mash-up of Called to Serve and Army of Helaman in Dutch in Sacrament meeting. It was really beautiful together.

We have also started meeting with this sweet middle aged women named Biannca. Oh she is just a doll. Last week she just showed up in church for the last 20 minutes. Apparently she biked from Akkrum to our church here in Leeuwarden.

Now, you got to realize, Akkrum is a town that’s a 20 minute train ride from Leeuwarden. So it’s probably around a 2 hour bike ride. And last week she did it in pouring down rain. She’s a saint.

Another crazy thing, Zusters used to teach her about a year ago, and her big thing was that she didn’t come to church. Zuster Manning and I went last Saturday, and asked her about the Book of Mormon and she has a powerful testimony of it! She has some questions still about other things, but we are very asked to meet with her more! We called her yesterday and she was telling us how she read the section in 3 Nephi that we invited her to read and she loved reading about how Christ established the sacrement. She said she knew the story in the Bible, but that it made it more clear reading about it in the Book of Mormon as well.

With new invistigators, sadly comes the dropping of investigators … The hardest was Lucas, our investigator from China. Zuster Johanson and I went to go teach him while we were on exchanges, and he came to the door with his Chinese Book of Mormon in hand and said he wasn’t interested in taking the lessons any more. We asked him why, and he said he was talking to the pastor of a church in Utrecht about some of the things we taught him in The Plan of Salvation. Apparently it didn’t sit well with him when we told him that people in the Spirit World would get a second chance to accept Christ. We told him to keep the book and gave him “The Restoration” film to watch and invited him to pray about it. And then bore strong testimony about how God is a loving Heavenly who wouldn’t damn someone’s soul just because they didn’t get the chance to hear about Christ. Sigh. Praying for him.

And then we also dropped Glad Christmas and Simba. Or at least given them a break for now.

We are also excited, we’ve been talking to the Elders and we are going to try to start bringing some excitment in the Ward! We want to try to organize a talent show or a pannenkoeken contest or something. Our dear little branch is the sweetest, and we want to try to do different things to bring some rays of sunshine into it.

Hope all is going well with you all!

veel liefs

Zuster Jones”

#Amen #shespeaksthetruth #Iloveyouall


Sister Manning:)


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