July 20, 2015 – Week 43

I’m on top of the world! (‘ey)

Hello everyone! What a whirlwind, amazing, week I’ve had. Sister Jones and I are truly having blessings just poured out upon us. I feel so grateful. I’ll just randomly list off some of the highlights because that is always a good time. Just imagine that this is like a highlight reel with like Chariots of Fire music playing in the background! (jokes jokes)

First of all, we have really been praying to find a family to teach and we found a wonderful family form Curacou that we are now teaching!
We had zone conference this week,and we were able to meet out new mission president and his wife, President and Sister Bunnell-they are so amazing! A new theme they are bringing to the mission is: hearts to God, hands to serve, love the one. So beautiful! Also the conference was in Rotterdam, which was so crazy because that was my first area! I had so many throwback moments riding the same metro I used to ride, talking to a food cart man who we used to see all the time and actually being able to hold a conversation :), Seeing old ward members, being in the same church building, walking the same streets! I’m just way too sentimental for my own good but it was a nice moment to reflect on the progress that I’ve made and the heaven-sent help I’ve received on my mission since my first city.
Speaking of old cities, I also was able to talk to my former companion, Sister Dobler, who is still in Maastricht, and she gave me updates about how people are doing there. I wanted to cry when she told me about the progress of some of our investigators! It was cool because sometimes it feels like after six months of being there that nothing happened…but then taking a step back, you are able to see a small portion of the fruits of your labor. I’m super proud of the work the sisters are doing there. We sang in zone conference and taught Relief Society.
A wonderful man that we met on the street last transfer has set a date to be baptized this week! We are very proud and excited for him.
I ate African fufu! (spelling?) Very traditional African food…
A less active we are working with set a goal to return back to the temple and we are looking forward to helping her.
I learned how to cross stitch! Basically I’m becoming an old woman 🙂
Oh haha and we found out this week that in our mission we are going to be required to wear helmets now, which is hilarious. I can probably count on my hands the number of times I’ve seen someone wear a helmet here who was biking. EVERYONE bikes. Everyone. But no one wears helmets, and we previously had permission also not to wear them. But I have a strong testimony that we are going to be blessed for our obedience to this change in rules. Who knows, maybe we will get such weird looks that people will be interested in out message 🙂
Sister Jones and I have seen many miracles this week as we’ve helped sisters in our zone. The Lord’s hand really is in this work. He is so patient with me. I love you all and talk to you later!

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