July 13, 2015 – Week 42

Miracles and blessings
I don’t know what this subject title has to do with this email but I do see so many miracles and blessings every day that it just seems suitable. First of all, hello everyone and happy Monday! Here is a random email of updates from the week!
Last Monday, Sister Jones and I took a long journey to go to Kamp Westerbork- a concentration camp from World War II. Wow, what a touching experience. The camp was originally build by the Dutch government for German Jewish refugees before the war, but then later was taken over by the SS as a sort of deportment camp – so most all of the Dutch Jews and gypsies passed through before getting sent to other work or extermination camps. It rips your heart out. There was a museum with some very interesting exhibits about the history, and then you could take a bus out to visit the remains of the camp itself, the cabins, train cart, railroad, watch tower, guard house, etc. Anne Frank had even stayed in one of the cabins. Definitely a memorable experience and I felt a special connection to the people seeing the artifacts and reading in their native language, Dutch. It happened not so long ago.
I’ve said I’d share about a French miracle – this is just a small cool story. A couple weeks ago I had this random feeling just before we left the apartment that I should take a Book of Mormon in French, so I did. But the whole day I couldn’t find anyone that spoke French to give it to. That night we had a dinner appointment with a less-active family and I asked the mom if she knew anyone who would be interested in the gospel who spoke French. She said that was funny because she had just met a family of refugees from Africa who spoke French who are looking for a new church and would be coming over for dinner Sunday. She also invited us to come give the book to them, which was a really neat experience.
Also about the singing elders! So the singing elders are a group of 4 missionaries who travel around Belgium and the Netherlands performing for families and giving a concert. One of them is Elder Hunter, who I served with the the MTC, and two of the other ones I served with in my first city, so it was so much fun working with them! A couple weeks ago they came to Leeuwarden to sing in our branch. They invited some families and investigators here to the concert they would perform, which was on Saturday. The people’s hearts really open up when they were with us but even more so at the concert. It was INCREDIBLE. The spirit there was so, so strong. It is called “Journey of No End”and about family, our eternal existence, and simple gospel truths through narration, songs from musicals, hymns, etc. Afterwards, as missionaries, we talked to people and asked for referrals and bore testimony with people. The light that was in that room was amazing. Everyone, religious or not who came, seemed to be radiating in the shared light of Christ. Wow. It blew me away.
Next week more stories will come! Last piece of news is that I’ve been called as the sister training leader for our zone so I am really looking forward to getting to know the sisters and learning from them on a more personal level. The Lord really cares for his missionaries and he sure does LOVE the people in Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s that love that I strive to share with his children every day. It changes hearts and changes lives. It sure has changed mine.
Until next week dear friends!
Sister Manning

One thought on “July 13, 2015 – Week 42

  1. Sister Manning, you are doing great! Your call to be a STL says so much about the trust your president can place in you! You are working hard and showing faith and LOVE! Carry on!
    Love, Wayne and Loralee Miller


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