June 29, 2015 – Week 40

This message is short but sweet (like my companion).

Hello everyone! (I need to come up with some more creative greetings…)

This week has been a really good one! Last P-Day we went and spent the day in Leeuwarden sight-seeing. We climbed this really old church tower/building thing from the 16th century called Old Hoeve, we climbed the stairs up to the top for a beauitiful view over this blessed city! Also the tower leans a whole lot, apparently more than the leaning Tower of Pisa! (spelling?)

Tuesday, was Sister Jones’ birthday! I wrote her a song, made breakfast, we did some awesome missionary work, and went and had a mini celbration at a member’s house for dinner! Complete with what they thought was root beer floats. They had bought it at an international store to try to make us feel at home. Dutch people hate root beer because a lot of their medicine is root beer flavored! They accidentally bought creme soda instead but it was still super cute 🙂

I’ve learned a lot this week about just how important it is to teach people, not lessons. It’s amazing that although the principles of the gospel are the same, they help each person in such an individual way!

Sister Jones and I also had a fun time this week doing what we call “talking back negative thinking.” As we are biking we take turns giving self-limiting beliefs that would weaken our faith, “I can’t speak Dutch, I’m tired, the branch doesn’t trust us…”etc. and then the other person would comeback with an answer that helps us get our thoughts focused on the Lord and positive. it is fun and we are burying our ” I can’ts! ”

We had “bro-support day” many days this week which was awesome! We were able to be at a lunch appointment with the APs, work a day with the zone leaders, and then spend a day with the “singing elders” which was AMAZING. Blessings! I’m out of time so folks stay tuned next week to hear about singing elders and my French miracle….

Lots of love!


Zuster Manning


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