June 22, 2015 – Week 38

Happy Monday everyone, and a happy Monday it is.

I was super lame and didn’t send an email last week so I’m just going to type away about my past 2 weeks! Starting off with 2 P-days ago, my companion and I went to the traveling carnival here, Kermis, which was an amazing adventure; we got giant cotton candy and popcorn, went on a scrambler, and went in a kiddie haunted house. Very fun, would recommend 🙂

Although a ton of our appointments dropped through the past two weeks, we also saw some amazing mini-miracles. One day when an appointment dropped through, Sister Jones had a feeling we should go visit an older woman in our branch who lives way far away. So we made the trek, and she was so excited to see us and tell us her life stories 🙂 She said it was good that we came too because she had just fallen that day and hurt her hip and is now too injured to even leave her house. On the train ride home, our Relief Society President called us asking us to visit her, and we were happy to report that we were just there!

Tuesday we made the long journey up to zone training in Apledoorn, which was so uplifting and inspiring! Really strengthened my testimony in a time when I was feeling a bit blue. But it was also sad because it was out last time with our mission presient, President Robinson and his wife! They are such amazing people and the gave us great closing counsel. I also had some smaller conversations with them both. Sister Robinson talked to Sister Jones and I, encouraging us that our numbers were looking up, and testified boldly that God had a plan for us. We’ve both had some harder time in our mission in the past, but it was what we needed to strengthen us. And now is the time to just work as hard as we can! She told me, “Sister Manning, keep the wheels on the bus, and keep the bus rolling!” Another thing she told me a while back in an interview, food for thought: “Sister Manning, when it feels like you have a rain cloud following you around, remember there is a big ball of sunshine behind it!” She is such an incredible example and leader, and President’s inspired leadership is extraordinary. I could write a book about them. 🙂 But we are also looking forward to the new leadership and the future ahead!

Oh also, our companionship and two elders from our district sang “Come thou fount of every blessing” for the special musical number. We had fun times this week subbing in primary, finding new investigators and building relationships with some less actives, and seeing the power of prayer – when we pray for specific things, such as finding people to teach, God will give us specific answers!

Also, here’s something funny in my last area. I taught a man named Pepsi, and this week, I meet an investigator that the elders are teaching named “Kola,” but pronounced, “cola.” So I’ve taught both pepsi and cola haha.

Week two: Last P-day, we went with the senior couple in our district (I love senior couples!!) to a local clog factory-they hand paint and carve them! I bought a cute small pair 🙂 All the rage here, I tell you! We also went and visited a monument where the first Dutch members were baptized. It’s the picture you can see the river where it was done. There was a beautiful spirit there! I also went to groningen this week on an exchange and worked with a sister that I served with in the MTC! Which was fun because this day was my halfway mark so we celebrated it together. And my lovely companion Sister Jones, surprised me when I got home with decorations. She’s so good 🙂 We’ve gotten a kick lately out of rewriting songs to have lyrics about missionary work.

We had a lunch at hte market, where I had raw herring part 2 and Sister Jones had it for the first time. Also all the rage here. But surprisingly tasty when you can get over the texture!

We’ve been working on improving our teaching skills and have come up with some cool new object lessons! Also we had a cool experience where a man we met on the doorstep and gave a Book of Mormon to, when we came back fo the appointment told us that he used to have an addiction to gambling, but ever since he met us a couple weeks ago, he hasn’t gambled a cent. Pretty cool. The gospel changes lives. I know it 100%.

I wish I could write more cool blessings and experiences, but alas my time is up! If any of you actually read this, congrats. And I love you. Have a great week everyone!

Sister Manning


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