May 25, 2015 – Week 35

Hello! Guess what? I’m packing my bags!! I found out yesterday that I am moving to the lovely city of Leeuwarden! WHAT SAY WHAT! Well, I mean I knew I was leaving, I just didn’t know where 🙂 Leeuwarden is a city way way up north in the Netherlands. I’m going to the complete opposite side!

It is sad to be leaving Maastricht, but I feel ready for the change. And I’m excited for the whirlwind of a future that I’m going to have! Being in a Dutch ward! I almost feel like my mission is restarting because apparently people in the North don’t know English nearly as well! Also I think people will laugh at my southern accent. Oh, how exciting.

It was funny because in my interview with President this week, he basically just said hello, we prayed, he asked how I was, said I’d likely leave, and we prayed again. He is an efficient man. My interview with his wife was very touching. It was pretty ridiculous because within the first 15 seconds, we were both crying haha 🙂 I’ve learned a lot from her and she shared with my the ways she’s seen me be spiritually strong.

These past 4 transfers in Maastricht, I’ve learned so much about testimony – it really is a gift from God and something we always need to work at. I’ve learned about charity, patience, diligence, and self-esteem. I’ve met the biggest spiritual giants and examples! And my love for cultures has shot up even more!

I have a testimony of God’s plan for us and I can see that in how he helps our investigators. He always knows what is best. I was touched by a quote I heard this week that said something like “Isn’t it funny that we humans, who wear wristwatches, try to counsel the Master of all time and space!”

Oh also my companion slammed into a car door this week. He was not looking and opened his door as she was biking by. No serious damage but some bruises. The Lord protects his missionaries!

I know I said I’d send pictures, but unfortunately the computer is not working with my card reader…sorry mom! 😀 Wish I could write more! Love you all and have a great week!


Sister Manning


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