March 28, 2015 – Week 27 (Surprise Saturday Letter)

Hey friends! I guess this email is just a quick tag on from my essay from last week 🙂

Yes, it’s Saturday, we had to switch P-days because my companion has a doctor’s appointment on Monday in Belgium. Antwerpen adventures! We’re really hoping they will be able to figure something out.

This week was amazing. We had a super inspiring zone training, I went on an exchange with our sister training leader, and one day we had to stay in because Sister Whittington was in too much pain so I did some good Jesus the Christ reading…but it was surely a week of spiritual growth!

Today, some members took us to the markets in Germany and then we spent the day with them.  The more I work with the members and less actives in the ward, the more impressed I am with their kindness, dedication, and endless service to the missionaries!

Also, oh yeah, we went to the ER again this week. But this time we just took a bus there haha. Sister Whittington was in a lot of pain so at 9:30 p.m. our mission president’s wife just told us to go to the hospital to see if they’d admit us. But they wouldn’t take our insurance so that was that. Back home we go.

A small cool experience from this week- we have this investigator named Jan. He is a very old, classic Dutch man. Because he’s a little hard of hearing, and he speaks in a really old dialect, sometimes we have trouble understanding each other. Funny stories. So sometimes I’m a bit self conscious with him because my Dutch isn’t great.  But this week, as we were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to him, he cut me off mid sentence and was fascinated by the “glow” I had and why I smiled so much when I talked about the gospel. It really hit me, because the Lord uses us imperfect missionaries, with VERY imperfect Dutch, and supplies the Spirit so that the Spirit can witness the truth to the hearts of people we teach.  It was small but impactful.  The Spirit really is so important in this work.  We are instruments in the hands of the Lord, all of us are! We just need to put our trust in Him, which is easier said than done.  Even though we can never see the complete picture of our future, the Lord will help us along our journey. Sometimes it’s freaky as a missionary because you have somewhat of an “identity crisis” wondering why so many of your weaknesses are suddenly exposed or who you are becoming. But I’ve really gained a testimony that the Lord can shape us into something more beautiful and worthy and better than we can imagine, if we let Him.

Other adventures lately include substitute teaching in Primary (haha), new baby kittens from our investigator Diana, and powerful spiritual thoughts at member dinner appointments.  Love you all! Fight the good fight!

Sister Manning

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