March 9, 2015 – Week 24

Hello everyone! Not a whole lot to report on, but it’s been a good week! We are getting excited for the new transfers and setting lots of goals and trying to bring new ideas to the table. Missionary work is amazing, but there is not just one way to do it!

I am striving to seek the spirit more as my companion and I work together with the ward to find, teach and baptize. I know that angels support us as we help bring God’s children closer to Him. That totally applies to member missionary work too. Just imagine the angels that are on your team when you open your mouth to comfort a friend or to pull out a pass-along card. The members in this ward are really amazing, it is fun to work with a mix of Dutch and American families! Sister Whittington went through a period of inactivity in her life so she also has a special drive for working with less actives, which is amazing to see. She also is constantly encouraging me to see my worth and successes because sometimes it’s very easy to get down on yourself about the language, when appointments fall through, etc. Even though it is sometimes a challenge, I am really grateful for the opportunity to work with her!

We are also trying to spice up our lessons a bit which is fun, because we teach a variety of wonderful investigators, so we should have a variety of ways to bring the spirit! We are teaching a really old gentleman who used to be a choir conductor so he has been teaching us how to sing African spirituals. It’s really rather hilarious/awesome. Especially because he has such a thick Dutch accent.

If only I had the time to write down all of the funny things that happen to us on a daily basis. Each night, we try to write down “wonders” and “grapjes” for the day, or miracles and funny things. This work is amazing! Pray for the missionaries and pray for those who are seeking for the truth! I know that our Heavenly Father will always hear our prayers.

Onward amigos!
Zuster Manning


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