January 19, 2015 – Week 17

Hello everyone! So I haven’t sent pictures in forever, so this weekly update is just going to be spamming your emails with pictures 🙂 To be brief though, we had a great week! For the next transfer Sister Jensen and I are both staying in Maastricht and we are being joined by a third companion! Wahoo!

Here’s a quick funny story that a member told me:
So recently, a general authority of our church visited the Netherlands. He gave talks in various cities and would have translators from the stake do a translation from English to Dutch. He started off his talk by sharing a joke that didn’t translate into Dutch very well. So in one city, when the general authority told the joke, the translator said, “The Elder has just said a joke and would like us to laugh.” So obviously, the people in the congregation thought that was funny and laughed! Afterward, the Elder, not knowing, told the translator, “You must have given a good translation because the other congregations didn’t get the joke!”

Also this week, Sister Jensen and I went down to Belgium to pick up our residency papers, which was fun and I also went on an exchange in Gouda. Although Europe is so fun and exciting, being on my mission and doing the Lord’s work is better than being on a vacation or sightseeing.

Something I have really learned so far is about selfless service. Through the kind deeds that my companions have done for me, or the kindness that our investigators show to us, or the way I see the ward members serve each other, I am inspired by examples of Christ-like service. It is something I hope to emulate as I continue to work with these wonderful individuals here in Nederland! I send my love and my smiles! Stay warm everyone!

Sister Manning


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