January 12, 2015 – Week 16

Hello hello! I’ve spent the most incredible week here in Maastricht! Sister Jensen and I were sad to send off our trainer, Sister Reeder, home to Arizona. She is so spunky and fun and we have learned so much from her. We were pretty worried that since we are both new(ish) missionaries that it would be a bit of a struggle speaking the language, getting around, and teaching by ourselves. But we have seen the Lord’s blessings, not raining or in showers, but storming down upon us! (a bit literally too, haha this week one day I had to change out of my wet clothes three times)! God has provided a way that even with our broken Dutch and all of our weaknesses, we’ve been able to grow really close in unity and we’ve been teaching like crazy!

Here’s a couple of cool things: did I mention last week that I ate raw herring? Like a real Dutchman! Pretty good too. We also taught a man who runs an opera house. When we showed up to the address it was this cathedral type place and he gave us a backstage tour of the costumes, set making. So cool!

During zone conference our leaders had us draw slips of paper out of a hat that had names on them and we were encouraged to have the faith to pray and find that name. The activity made us think about finding people and focusing on the individual! But I found the name, Jasper! It was crazy because a couple weeks ago, we were doing bell ups on apartments, and I saw his name on the name plate, got really excited, and did my regular contact through the intercom. He said he was not interested and we asked if we could put at least a passalong card in his box. A week later we were finishing doing bell ups on the building and he was walking out in as were were walking out, recognized us, and we had a short conversation. But he said he wasn’t interested really in learning more. I asked if I could maybe bring a Book of Mormon by sometime, and he his response was a halfhearted yes. So then last week we come by to drop off the book, he invites us in, and we taught him the restoration with a return appointment! Too many blessings! This is just one of so many stories I wish I could tell.

The gospel is such a blessing for people. I love teaching and seeing the light in people’s eyes when they recognize the truth, especially about the Plan of Salvation. The gospel is one of joy, so live it joyfully! Reach out and help others and keep a smile on your face. It is all worth it in the end.

Sorry for the typos…I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Don’t be afraid to be a light to others!
Zuster Manning


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