December 1, 2014 – Week 10

Happy December everyone! It was a fantastic week.  I guess as always I will just go into my stream-of-consciousness type letter.

First off all, Thanksgiving was quite fun! Our turkey bowl was a good success and we had dinner at a Dutch family’s house. They made us traditional American Thanksgiving food, which was a bit unusual, but delicious!
A cool thing about this week is we went to a dinner appointment at a woman’s house that was our first dinner appointment. She is a really nice woman, but it was funny because the first time we came I couldn’t understand her accent at all! So being able to understand more was so cool.
I got asked out on a date during a street contact. Haha it was awkward but I guess a classic sister missionary situation.

I gave a talk in church this week! That was fun.  I spoke about faith and told the story about how when we were younger, I told Kiki that if you planted a piece of candy in the ground, it would grow into a tree! ‘Twas fun.
We have a new ward mission leader, so we are really excited to set some new goals and ward mission plan!
Our sad moment for this week is one of our investigators dropped us.  It was heartbreaking but the whole experience was led by the spirit and we feel at peace about it. This work truly is in the Lord’s hands.
We had a conference with three different zones and an area authority was there.  It was really so inspiring.  I love the true power there is in missionary work.
Small wonders for the week: my bike broke…again..but we miraculously got a great price to get it fixed! Also we learned how to make brownies in a mug in the microwave.  It is a gamechanger for sure.
Something I’ve really enjoyed doing this week is working with some less-active members in our ward.  It is so cool to see them come back to the light of the gospel, and want to share it with other people as well.
One of my favorite lines in Preach My Gospel says something like “Nothing happens in missionary work until you talk to people.”  It’s really cool to see that be true. For example, one of our really cool new investrigators we met in a funny way.  We were on our way to a dinner appointment and we didn´t have that many materials to go contacting with.  Put if you pray to God and tell Him you have so many passalong cards, a plan of salvation pamphlet in English and a restoration pamphlet in Dutch, it´s crazy, you will find people to match those languages and topics! We had three minutes before our appointment and one more Dutch Book of Mormon. So instead of going in early, we decided to yolo it and try to place it! So we found an awesome man named Jesse that we are teaching now! Even though funny story with him, during the first lesson, he thought we were Amish…Anyways, we have many other stories like that!  The Lord is guiding this work and I am looking forward to studying the language and gospel more to be a more effective teacher.
Love you all and have a wonderful week!
Zuster Manning

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