November 24, 2014 – Week 9

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having great weeks and lives and all of that. 🙂 My time is super limited because we are running late but here are a couple highlights of my traveling week!

I went to Utrecht on an exchange with another greenie that was with me in the MTC! It was so fun and quite interesting as neither of us speak Dutch “real good,” but it all worked out!

I also traveled on Thursday to Belgium! Hoorah! A group of us were getting out legal paperwork done for our residencies there. It was such an amazing day because we were in Brussels and I got to hear and read so much French and Dutch and English all together. A beautiful thing, I tell you. And we saw touristy things and ate a waffle–better than you could ever imagine! Coated in sugar and whipped cream and strawberries and deliciousness!

Sister Greenwell and I had lunch with one of Sister Greenwell’s converts from a different city, a sweet and spunky woman named Ethlan. It is really amazing to see the bonds and friendships that are made on a mission. We also have a couple new investigators now which we are SO excited about!
I’ve learned that having members at lessons is GOLD like money! Not only because they speak the language, but because they add a very powerful and special witness and perspective. There are especially two women in the ward, Sisters Vermeer and Wilkens, that take really good care of the sisters and our investigators. I look forward to working more with the ward, especially because we have a new ward mission leader.

We are eating an American “Thanksgiving”with a family this week and today as a zone we played a turkey bowl! Yay for football, ‘merica:)

Anyways, I hope to catch up more about my exciting adventures next week and send a couple pictures as well as spiritual thoughts next week. Be good, everybody!

Lots and lots of love,
Zuster Manning


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