November 10, 2014 – Week 7

Hello people of the world! This has been a wonderful week here in the land 🙂 I am getting a little better at getting around, I don’t know if my language is getting better but I’m probably better at faking knowing what’s going on! I love contacting people and teaching lessons and bascially just being a missionary! It’s so beautiful here and the weather is not too bad yet. Also I got a bike this week! *hoorah! I bought it from an elder that is going home.  Seriously, biking is so fun.  Everyone should do this.  I always thought people in the states were crazy for biking but I’ve found it to be an awesome mode of transportation.  We teach two recently baptized girls, and they love getting rides on the back of our bikes!

I love all the people we are teaching, although for now it’s not too many! We are teaching a very sweet Turkish woman named Sibel (Downton Abbey anyone?) and she came to church yesterday! We are also teaching a Indonesian man who always makes us feel like one of the family when we come over. He has a HUGE family that is always coming in and out of the house and eating food and playing music! We also are teaching a nice Dutch woman with a baptismal date so we hope all goes well with that!

I still am amazed how generally friendly people are in Capelle.  The ward is so nice; I especially love going to relief society,  This area is a huge melting pot so we have a Portuguese part of the ward and there are translations for different languages in all of the meetings.  I remember Jared telling me once that on bad days, you’ve just got to go get some ice cream.  My companion and I do that but with olliebollen, which is a food they have around Christmas time–basically a fried ball of dough with yummy things inside like bananas and chocolate.  I wish I had time to write about all the delicious things to eat here…  Basically doesn’t get any better.  So this week when one of our favorite investigators dropped us, we have to take a TO, cry a bit and get olliebollen.

A fun part of this week is that we did exchanges. Our sister training leader came here, which was fun because she served in this area and our investigators adore her.  On Saturday, we had a full day of finding, which was cool and we saw little miracles along the way!
Here is our awk story for the week – we were at a members’ house and there were 3 teenage children there, which apparently one was a nonmember friend, but I didn’t hear/understand that. So after dinner, I’m giving the spiritual thought in Dutch and sharing Helaman 5:12, I ask the nonmember friend Casper,  “How is Christ like a foundation in your life?” The whole family got a little flustered because he doesn’t even believe in God haha. But we felt prompted before hand to share about the Restoration so we did even though it was a bit awkward, but the family ended up joining and testifying. The best part was though, at the end, one of the elders that was also at the dinner appointment still hadn’t caught on that he was a guest and referred to him as the family’s son. It was too good.
Next week I will try to write about Christmas traditions here, they are pretty fun and crazy! Love you all.  I know that the Lord is in this work.  I promise to try every day to serve him the best I can. tot ziens!
Sister Joshlin Manning

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