October 15, 2014 – Week 4

Hello family and friends! I’m afraid my time is limited today but my report is that I have had an absolutely wonderful week! I wish I could put in these simple emails the countless things that I learn and come to understand by the spirit here in the MTC.  The insights, miracles, and blessings from God are so abundant! I am learning how to be a better teacher.  Learning principles of the gospel. There are definitely humbling moments when you get a what I would consider “spiritual slap in the face” about how to be better!  I am learning more of the language slowly! Although I am by no means good, I feel like things are starting to click a little bit more now. Dutch isn’t really a super descriptive language and all of the words seem to look and sound alike so it’s easy to confuse! But the differentiation of words and pronunciation of words is coming along and our teachers think we are doing really well.  I can’t wait until we get to the Netherlands and realize we know nothing! 🙂 Speaking of which, we should get our flight plans this Friday! We should also find out then if we got our visas! Exciting times for sure! Last week, we did indeed, make a pinata (basically just a trash bag filled with candy, to celebrate our half way mark.  Being blindfolded and whacking at it with a hairbrush was quite the rush, I’ll tell you what 😀

I think more than anything, the devotionals this week were top notch! The director of media came and spoke to us, and told us about things the Church has done in the past to hasten the work through technology, which was so amazing and we got to watch a rough cut of a Christmas video that will come out with a new campaign. It is SO cool!  I’ll have to write more about it when it comes out, but one awesome thing is on December 7th I believe, the Church paid for a shortened version of it to show on the 30 second home page banner on the youtube.com!
Another devotional was based on how we are the Lord’s army, every one.  We sang “We Are All Enlisted” and the spirit was felt so strongly!  I know that we really our fighting for the Lord’s kingdom and for ours.  The Lord is on our side and there are angels around us to bear us up! This work is real and the gospel of Jesus Christ empowers us.  I love you all so much and thank you for your support! Have a wonderful week and catch you here again real soon!

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